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Times have changed and so has Human & Child Mental & Physical Behaviour. Since Time is the only constant, we are in an era of Millennials Parents & Generation Z children having a completely different approach &outlook towards our living. Most of it has been confined to the Nano devices & Electronic Gizmos, confining us, especially children. Hence we need to showcase a deal of responsibility & caution while buying or purchasing the right combination of OUTDOOR CHILDREN PLAYING EQUIPMENT which serve them holistically with a 360 degree approach.

Todays’ UNIQUE PLAYGROUNDS EQUIPMENT FOR CHILDREN are not just restricted to Swings or Slides or thereof , but are Physical & Mental Activity centres in the true sense of the phrase. These High Octane Physical Breeding Grounds are Active Zones are a Combination of Great Amount of Physical Activity tasks for kids, along with wonderful MULTI ACTIVITY PLAY STATIONS Playing Partying and Preparing grounds for future, by them, for themselves.In fact someone rightly said,“When we make Play the foundation of learning, we teach the Whole child.”


India with 1.21 billion people constitutes as the second most populous country in the world, while children represents 39% of total population of the country.

The Purchase and procurement process for a Right CHILDREN PLAY AREA EQUIPMENT begins by shortlisting the correct CHILDREN PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS. Theymaybe thosehaving a history of credible related work experience with expertise as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).These OEMs of KIDS MULTI PLAY STATION as well as FUN PLAY MULTIPLAY SYSTEM have trained and specialised personnel, Regular R&D works , CREATIVE concepts and MULTIPLE INNOVATIONS, along with a prolific track record, Versatile & Applaudable clientele . All this also requires a sound infrastructural set up to complement the same.This is a very important step as the PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT Industry is 93-95% constituted by Traders, Suppliers, Wholesales, Importers, Re-sellers et al.   Only the rest 5-7% are the OEMs. Out of whom only 20-25% are actually Credibile manufacturers, who are trustworthy of delivering a FUN PLAY MULTIPLAY SYSTEM or a OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT project with TRUST and Core CUSTOMIZATION. Statistically putting, out of a group of 100 vendors, only tentatively 2-3 are the ones that are Trustworthy CHILDREN PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS(OEMs). These are the ones which have a great word of mouth, wonderful goodwill and henceforth a loyal and elite profile client list boosting of all sectors and spectrums equally.

Still the Most important criteria for the above projects guaranteed success is the SAFETY adherences & Certifications, along with actual Product QUALITY Compliances both International and Domestic. They are an automatic assurance of a durable and stable KIDS PLAY AREA which is also designed professionally and an Aesthetic Marvel, apart from being a GEM and paradise for the Children. These standards are wide spread and in abundance right from IS 1239 compliances, ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (QMS) ,ISO 14001:2015 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (EMS) , ASTM (AMERICAN STANDARDS) adherences, EN 16630 and  DIN 79000  (in case of OUTDOOR FITNESS GYM EQUIPMENT or OPEN AIR GYM EQUIPMENT) , CE & other EN (European adherences) .

Age group of India’s Children *

The figures show that the larger number of about 29 percent constitutes Children in the age between 0-5 years. The share of Children (0-6 years) in the total population has showed a decline of 2.8 points in 2011, compared to Census 2001. The children's population (0-18) is 472 million.

Another aspect or Parameter often discarded is the ROI (Return on Investment) . Supposedly if you create an OUTDOOR KIDS PLAY AREA, itshouldhave alife span of Minimum 10-15 yrs. andactive running cycle of 3-5yrs. Meaning that as a buyer the provider should take up the responsibility of its maintenance, recurring issues, repairs, via mode of AMCs or based on specific issues.  This is an essential element and reduces a world of burden from the buyer of the OUTDOOR CHILDREN PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT to its seller. Simply buying a 100 cent equipment with an avg. depreciation of 10% costs just 10 cents an year , unless or except in cases of Vandalism, self-destruction, ill maintenance etc.

So Next time don’t Lurk around in these Fishy Waters, by experimenting because buying a Kids play equipment is no KIDSPLAY!Few Companies who operate Pan India are the ones to look out for in this process. Also Patience, Maturity with a mix of passion and urge for Quality will direct and towards an Eco-Friendly versatile UNIQUE PLAYGROUNDS Equipment For CHILDREN.As said beautifully and wisely by ‘Jaeda DeWalt in words that “Imagination is our inner-child and creativity, its playground.”